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Constant Force Spring for Carbon Brush Mortor Application

nstant Force Spring, Carbon Brush Mortor, Ming Tai Industrial

Ming Tai Industrial Co., a leading of global manufacturer of steel strip spring, introduced its constant force spring product series for carbon brush application. Constant force springs are used for motor brush springs. Constant force springs are specially constructed to provide the ideal method of ensuring consistent, dependable pressure to electric motor commutators, we can provide you both single coil constant force springs and twin coil constant force springs for carbon brush.

Advantages of Constant Force Spring for Carbon Brush:
1. Constant pressure for commutator in any brush length.
2. Increases brush life, reduces electrical wear.
3. Compact design for overall motor size.
4. Allows longer brushes.
5. Allows larger commutators.
6. Reduces spark, lower influence of electromagnetic interference (EMI)

Ming Tai is a professional manufacturer of steel strip spring, the product line includes conventional springs, constant force spring, constant torque spring, constant force spring for carbon brush, power spring, and variable force springs, etc. We have over 40 years of experience, and we assist customers to solve each kind of steel strip spring design and provide the product application. All springs manufactured via slitting, heat treatment, edge trimming and forming processes to ensure highest quality in our production and quick delivery. Also, the whole process is using automatic machinery production and has precision instruments to do pull, torque, product life testing to ensure the stable quality. We are certificated with ISO 9001: 2000 and RoHs. Our products are ready for delivery and export worldwide. 
公司名称: Ming Tai Industrial Co., Ltd.
地址: No.51-12 Pei Tao Li, Tamsui, Taipei Hsien, Taiwan
城市: Taipei Hsien
ZIP: 251
国家: Taiwan
电话号码: +886-2-26228651
传真: +886-2-26220202


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